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  • commented on Why England Should support Welsh and Scottish Independence 2023-01-26 19:58:09 +0000
    A little over 100 years ago, the people of Norway (before it existed as a separate country) expressed a desire to become independent of Sweden. Apparently the Swedes thought this absurd, but basically agreed assuming that the Norwegians would soon be back with their tails between their legs! Many English people pooh-pooh the idea of Scottish or Welsh independence, and often go on to complain that neither country could survive without the constant support of Westminster, in which case why is England so opposed to Welsh and Scottish independence? One can only assume that it is about power, and perhaps this is even more important now to a class of people who are having to confront the rapid dwindling of once great power and influence referred to in this article. There’s almost no-one left to push around apart from the Welsh and the Scots!

    Scottish Independence rapidly gained support with the slogan “it’s our oil”; I would like to hear “it’s our rain and wind, and these are also our views”. these things can be shared fairly, or even paid for fairly, but they are not the divinely entitled property of people with money