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YesCymru Groups

YesCymru has dozens of groups from all over Wales. A number of different types of Groups exist including Accredited Groups, Associate Groups, Geographical Groups, Protected Groups and/or Thematic Groups.

Accredited Groups 

*Please note
‘All members have a right to join a group (as defined in the Articles) but will be given the option to opt into joining one Accredited Geographic group. Groups are encouraged to recruit new Members, all of whose membership fees will be automatically collected centrally.’ Bylaw 7

What are Accredited Groups?

 Groups, as defined in paragraph 4, that:

  1. Have held an inaugural meeting with five or more YesCymru Members present, and elected a chair and secretary both of which should be Yes Cymru members:
  2. Have submitted the signed minutes of their first meeting; agree to abide by the Articles, Objects, YesCymru Cyf’s Model Constitution for Groups, and other applicable Byelaws and Policies of YesCymru Cyf;
  3. Agree to meet a minimum of four times a year, including their AGM; and
  4. Agree to maintain an up-to-date list of group members in accordance with YesCymru Cyf’s Data Protection and Privacy policies, shall be advised that they are recognised as Accredited Groups of YesCymru Cyf by the National Governing Body (“NGB”).

What are Associate Groups?

Groups, as defined in paragraph 4, that:

  1. Consist of two or more YesCymru Cyf Members;
  2. Have advised YesCymru Cyf of their name and contact details; and
  3. Agree to abide by the Articles, Objects and other applicable Byelaws and Policies of YesCymru Cyf,
  4. Shall be advised that they are recognised as Associate Groups of YesCymru Cyf by the NGB
  5. Associate Groups may apply for financial support from YesCymru Cyf for specific projects.

Further on your group journey you may wish to develop and grow your group to becoming more active by becoming an ‘Accredited Group’. This will enable you to make an application to the National Governing Body (NGB) for funding. The money can be used to print banners, to help with organising events, or in a variety of other ways e.g. sponsor a local sports club. The limit for each Accredited group is currently £250 per year, but if more is needed this can be discussed on a case-by-case basis and this can be discussed with your Regional Director/s

Only elected representatives of Accredited groups at the Regional Councils will be able to be nominated to sit on the Council of Deputies. If you wish to discuss how the accreditation system works please contact one of your Regional Directors.

Setting up your group

The first thing to remember about running a YesCymru group is that there is no one way of doing so, therefore make it your own! Your local YesCymru group will reflect your local community or town, and what is important to you collectively. There are infinite reasons to want an independent Wales, and different ways to campaign for it, so do it your way.

However... there is some key information that will help you on your group journey- YesCymru has three category of groups that are defined in its new Articles of Association and Bylaws, this is detailed further within Byelaw 7

If you are just starting your group journey you may wish to consider becoming an ‘Associate Group’ this will enable you to start your campaigning journey for an independent Wales in your area and in order to avoid everyone re-inventing the wheel, please read the Groups Handbook for a collection of things that we have learned so far on our journey so far.

Please note all groups can attend their Regional Council meetings and you can discuss this and any other matters with one of your Regional Directors.

Forms for Accreditation 

Please complete and return these forms to enable the NGB to process your accreditation.

1. YesCymru Cyf's Model Constitution form

2. Accreditation Form

3. Minutes of meeting Form

Return all forms to [email protected]