About YesCymru

Our aim is to gain independence for Wales, in order to improve the way our country is governed. We believe in an inclusive citizenship, which embraces and celebrates the fact that everyone who chooses to make Wales their home – regardless of their background – are full citizens of the new Wales.

Our group will promote independence for Wales through a range of activities, to make the case that Wales, like so many other nations throughout the world, would be better running its own affairs, as part of a wider European and international family. Our organisation is open to all who believe in independence for Wales. If you would like to join yescymru you can do so here.


YesCymru is a company ltd. by guarantee run by an elected National Governing Body. All money raised goes directly towards our campaign for an independent Wales by paying for specialist work such as social media and marketing, graphic design, advertising, leaflets, posters, banners and research. A proportion of the money also goes to the local groups to help them spread the word in their own way. YesCymru is fully funded by membership fees and sales from the online shop.

Here is a breakdown of how we spent your money during 2020.

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