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About YesCymru

YesCymru is a movement dedicated to the goal of an independent Wales

Only a Wales, with its own government and institutions, elected and created by the people of Wales can truly be trusted to govern in the best interests of its people.

YesCymru believes in an independent Wales which embraces and celebrates the full diversity of everyone who chooses to make Wales their home.

Join Us!

YesCymru members are the life and soul of the movement. They are organised into a network across the length and breadth of the country.

YesCymru is funded by membership fees. If you would like to see an independent Wales Join Us.

National Governing Body (NGB)

The YesCymru National Governing Body runs the day to day work of YesCymru. Members are elected to the National Governing Body by the membership at General Meetings.

Members of the National Governing Body (Feb 2024)

  • Phyl Griffiths (Chair) - South East
  • Naomi Hughes (Vice-Chair) - South East
  • Rob Hughes - South East
  • Mike Murphy - South Central
  • Aled Jones - Mid and West
  • Gaynor Jones - Mid and West
  • Jim Dunkley - Mid and West
  • Sam Murphy - South West
  • Elfed Williams - North
  • Maria Pritchard - North
  • Barry Parkin - Outside Wales

YesCymru Groups

Groups organise activities and events in communities all over Wales. Why not get involved, contact a group near you and become an active participant in the journey to independence?

YesCymru has dozens of groups from all over Wales. A number of different types of Groups exist including Accredited Groups, Associate Groups, Geographical Groups, Protected Groups and/or Thematic Groups. Read more about YesCymru Groups.

What Type of Organisation is YesCymru?

  • YesCymru Cyf is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England & Wales with company number 12426443

  • Our registered office address is: Tŷ Derw, Lime Tree Court, Cardiff Gate, Cardiff, CF23 8AB

  • YesCymru Articles of Association

  • YesCymru Byelaws

YesCymru Staff Members

How is YesCymru Funded?

YesCymru is fully funded by membership fees, small donations and sales from the online shop.

All money raised goes directly towards our campaign for an independent Wales by paying for staff, specialist work such as social media and marketing, graphic design, advertising, leaflets, posters, banners and research.

A proportion of the money also goes to our local groups to help them spread the word in their own way.