Our aim is to gain independence for Wales, in order to improve the way our country is governed. We believe in an inclusive citizenship, which embraces and celebrates the fact that everyone who chooses to make Wales their home – regardless of their background – are full citizens of the new Wales.

Our group will promote independence for Wales through a range of activities, to make the case that Wales, like so many other nations throughout the world, would be better running its own affairs, as part of a wider European and international family. Our organisation is open to all who believe in independence for Wales.

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    New poll shows surge in support for an Independent Wales

    A new Yougov poll published on WaleOnline today has shown a surge in support for an independent Wales. 32%* said they would be certain to vote for independence in a referendum, with 41%* supporting the idea of an independent Wales in the EU if Brexit happens.

    Responding to the poll, Siôn Jobbins – the Chair of YesCymru, the campaign for an independent Wales – said:

    "This poll has the support for independence at the highest level ever, and clearly shows that the people of Wales are warming towards the idea of Wales becoming an independent nation state just like Ireland, Iceland or Denmark.

    "Westminster isn’t working, and people are realising that Wales can do a better job of running its own affairs than being ruled by Westminster.

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    AUOB March for Independence - Merthyr

    The third March for Independence will be held in Merthyr on Saturday 7 September. AUOBCymru welcome all who wish to see an independent Wales to join the march, and those interested are encouraged to bring flags, banners, drums and instruments, and to meet from 10.30am on Penderyn Square. The march will start promptly at 12pm. Click here for the full details.

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    YesCymru Group Meetings - February 2019

    Many Yes Cymru Groups will hold meetings in February 2019. This page will be updated with the latest details as and when we receive them.

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    News from the YesCymru EGM

    We're proud to announce the new YesCymru central committee elected at our EGM on the 8th of December 2018:

    Siôn Jobbins (Cadeirydd)
    Cian Ciarán (Is-gadeirydd)
    Hedd Gwynfor (Ysgrifennydd)
    Gwyn Llewelyn (Trysorydd)
    Ifor ap Dafydd
    Dilys Davies
    Aran Jones
    Bethan Siân Jones
    Huw Marshall
    Chantel Mathias
    Mirain Llwyd Owen
    Julian Hughes Watts

    We'd like to thank the previous committee for their work.

    The following Constitution was adopted at the EGM:

    YesCymru Constitution, December 8, 2018 

    The following motions were passed at the EGM:

    1. Motion by Gwion Hallam
    2. Motion by YesCymru Llundain

    Newly elected YesCymru Chair, Siôn Jobbins, said,

    "We've spent months discussing the internal constitution of YesCymru. That's been settled now. From now on, the only constitution YesCymru will be discussing will be the constitution of an independent Wales. The UK is dying, all members and supporters of YesCymru now have to work to make sure that an independent Wales raises from the debris of the British state."

    Also here's an article on Nation.Cymru.

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