Our aim is to gain independence for Wales, in order to improve the way our country is governed. We believe in an inclusive citizenship, which embraces and celebrates the fact that everyone who chooses to make Wales their home – regardless of their background – are full citizens of the new Wales.

Our group will promote independence for Wales through a range of activities, to make the case that Wales, like so many other nations throughout the world, would be better running its own affairs, as part of a wider European and international family. Our organisation is open to all who believe in independence for Wales.

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    Candidate Elections

    A record number of voters, over 3,400 voted in the recent EGM at the beginning of December. An overwhelming majority (80.6%) voted in favour of proposals to convert YesCymru into a company limited by guarantee.  YesCymru is now looking for 17 directors for the new national governing body that will oversee this new chapter in the history of the movement.  If you feel that you're one of those people, today we announce a call for candidates to YesCymru's National Governing Body. The deadline for nominations is January 12th with elections due to be held on the 28th, 29th and 30th of January. 

    Find all the information and apply through the website

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    YesCymru Central Committee's Resignation Statement

    1. The members of the Central Committee of YesCymru have collectively resigned and stood down from their roles with immediate effect.
    2. The decision has not been made lightly, but is taken in the best interests of the organisation. Harassment directed towards Central Committee members, that goes far beyond social media posts, has taken an incredible toll on mental wellbeing and can no longer be tolerated.
    3. The announcement comes with the opportunity to enable a new Central Committee to be elected at a forthcoming Extraordinary General Meeting, which will oversee the next stages of YesCymru’s development following the phenomenal growth and interest in the organisation since its launch.
    4. In order to safeguard the continuing operations of YesCymru until this new Central Committee is elected, an independent, third party firm of accountants has been instructed by the outgoing committee, prior to their resignations, to oversee limited day to day operations of the organisation. This includes oversight of finances, and will ensure the safe and prudent management of the affairs of YesCymru until a new Central Committee is in place.
    5. The outgoing Chair of the Central Committee, Sarah Rees, said: “The accountancy firm will focus on helping the Gweithgor and YesCymru staff to organise the forthcoming EGM and electing a new Central Committee. This decision has been taken in the best interests of the organisation and its members. It enables a totally clean break from the past and provides a clean start for the newly-elected Central Committee in the autumn, while protecting all the good that has been created.”
    6. She added: “YesCymru now has 18,000 members. It only officially launched five years ago. It is a fantastic success story, and testament to the hard work of ordinary members in growing the demand for Welsh independence. The decision taken today gives the new Central Committee, with the support of all 18,000 members, the opportunity to take YesCymru to the next level.”
    7. “I would encourage all members of YesCymru to attend the EGM and to vote for a new Central Committee which reflects the type of movement you want to be a part of - this is your chance to shape the direction of YesCymru for the better and we wish the new Central Committee every success.”
    8. For more information on the EGM please contact [email protected] Members looking to access information or have enquiries about their membership should contact [email protected]
    9. The outgoing Central Committee and YesCymru staff will be making no further comment at this time.
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    Statement: We will not tolerate intolerance

    We on the Central Committee have been made aware of online behaviour that needed immediate action. As a result, we have reported these instances to the police and to the relevant online platforms while we investigate further.

    In each case, if the accounts concerned are found to be members, then we will suspend their membership whilst the investigation takes place.

    Following our amazing growth and successes over the last 18 months, we would like to make our members aware of a number of voices falsely claiming to support YesCymru and some falsely implying or claiming membership. Some of these may even say they are part of the wider independence movement.

    We as the CC, as members, and as active groups should make every effort to discount these false voices whose intentions towards our movement are disingenuous and destructive.

    We ask that each of us make every effort to question and validate information which is circulating and which we might receive second hand. This is a democratic campaign and democracy thrives in the light - please always be sure to confirm online information.

    Our movement is for all the people of Cymru. YourCymru YesCymru. We will not tolerate intolerance.

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    Looking to the Future

    There hasn't ever been a time (at least not since 1406!) when the dream of an independent Wales has seemed so tangible. The last year or so has seen an idea take hold that we can do this. We can stand on our own two feet and make a better go of it than what we are presently allowed, always at the mercy of decisions made far away from Wales, for the benefit of others or just forgotten about and ignored. For many people, YesCymru became a beacon of light, an organisation that crossed party political affiliations and encouraged a united approach. 

    Our movement encouraged many people who hadn't any history of political engagement to get involved and get active. For some that was becoming a member, or forming a branch at home or in work. Some of us decided to stand for the committee so that we could play a part in this historic process. 

    Our aim is to focus on developing grassroots activism, getting back out and speaking to communities, and organising by being a visible presence up and down our country. The achievement of the newspaper drop reminds us to continue to foster and grow that spirit of community activism.

    People are really excited by Wales’ potential and are becoming engaged in being part of the future of Wales. So, it's only natural that everyone wants to bring their own thoughts and ideas forward about what they think that should look like and how they think we should get there.

    We at the CC are talking to members and branches and doing our best to put measures into place that can ensure that members will have a chance to mould the shape of the movement. 

    The committee are volunteers and give their time and skills for free, with a shared aim of an independent Wales. Not everyone will agree with each other and we're trying to change the way we do things and bring the membership and CC together. But please, no one, committee member or wider membership should have to put up with abuse, innuendo, smears and personal attacks. There is a real sense of excitement and enthusiasm and members are impatient for the movement to move forwards, but it's important that we get it right.

    We all want to ensure that YesCymru is open, fair, inclusive, and representative where we can have a constructive debate about the shape of a future Wales.

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