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  • commented on HS2:- The Great Train Robbery - Delyth Jewell 2023-10-31 00:32:39 +0000
    It was never a joint venture of any description, and anyone who thinks it was is more than delusional, more insane, I would say. England wanted it, but England could not finance it, so to ease the burden on the public purse of levelling up, another tory tax dodge, a jolly jape, another unfunny wheeze they came up with, we’ll include Wales and empty their pockets to pay for our infrastructure. HS2, meaning Haughty Shafting a second time, after the electrification of the mainline London to Swansea fiasco which was the first financial screwing for the people of Wales. Westminster does not work for Wales, never has and never will, as long as the people of Wales believe in the Unisum of the sum of the parts working equally, it most certainly won’t and never has.