10,000 signatures

We're building a mass movement of people who have taken the pledge to vote "Yes" in a referendum on Welsh independence.

Will you be 1 of 10,000 people who have commited to vote for an independent Wales?

If you're ready to say "yes" then take the pledge below. And please share your pledge with your friends.

See who else is signing:
Fraser Smith-Jaynes
Mali Elwy Williams
Thomas Morris
Clive Bradley
Teresa Parry
Caitlyn Thomas
Megan Wiggins
Meyrick Alexander
Anna Jones
Matthew McCarthy
Eleanor Thompson
Calum Wicks
Pete Evans
Deirdre Johnston
Emily Kingman
Matthew Smith
Jack Halbert
Steven Griffiths
Lewis Evans
Hefin Davies
Jack Conway
Gwyn Llewellyn
Professor Rees
Ieuan Roberts-Harry
Georgia Harrison
Heledd Evans
michael mcnamara

Will you sign?

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