10,000 signatures

10,000 for independence

We're building a mass movement of people who have taken the pledge to vote "Yes" in a referendum on Welsh independence.

Will you be 1 of 10,000 people who have commited to vote for an independent Wales?

If you're ready to say "yes" then take the pledge below. And please share your pledge with your friends too.


See who else is signing:
Brad Moses
Cole Chick
Richard Lewis
Iwan Williams
Rose Davies
Mark Tranter
Calum Norton
Gavin Humphreys
Sian Jones
Liam Innes
Sam Evans
Wil Rees
Dawson Pugh
Lauren Perry
Jeff Rees
David Matthews
CarolAnn Jones
Robert Phillips
maureen hurndall
Stefen Felix
Sian Willuams
Rhys Owen
Nick Alcock
Muriel Sanchez
Clive Busson
Christina Cadwallader
Andrew Cadwallader
Dan Rogers
William Griffiths
huw jenkins

Will you sign?

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