10,000 signatures

We're building a mass movement of people who have taken the pledge to vote "Yes" in a referendum on Welsh independence.

Will you be 1 of 10,000 people who have commited to vote for an independent Wales?

If you're ready to say "yes" then take the pledge below. And please share your pledge with your friends.

See who else is signing:
Xavier Panades i Blas
wendy Bailey Hughes
Dan Lewis
Mia Connelly
Adam Bedner
Jack Williams
Kyle Duggan
Owain Hughes
Geyn Williams
Joan Rohan
Callum Barry
Stuart Patten
Gavin Davies
David Butt
Megan Hunter
Matt Brinkworth
Colton Streich
Meurig Williams
Martin Davies
Tomos Edwards
James Fox-Mabe
Simon Smith
Georgia Nicholas
Daniel Williams
Jeremy Littler
Margaret Ford
Gavin Looney
Joseph Thomas
Rebecca Mash
Naomi Samuel

Will you sign?

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