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Phyl Griffiths Elected Chair of YesCymru

A “creative” native of Merthyr Tydfil, who is “brimming with energy” has been elected as Chair of pro-independence campaign group YesCymru.

Phyl Griffiths has taken the helm at YesCymru, after being elected by his fellow directors on the organisation at a meeting of its National Governing Body in Aberystwyth.

Phyl Griffiths - YesCymru Chair

The Welsh language tutor for adults at The College Merthyr Tydfil steps into the role at a time when a recent poll by Redfield & Wilton showed support for Welsh independence to be at 35%

He has lived in Merthyr Tydfil throughout his life, apart from stints studying Art and Design at Carmarthen School of Art, then then in Southampton.

Phyl is one of 3 directors representing the South East of Wales region on the YesCymru board and he is one of the founding members of YesCymru Merthyr.

He was instrumental in organising the YesCymru march in Merthyr Tydfil in 2019, which attracted over 5,000 people and has played a key role in every march that has been held since.

Naomi Hughes, Director for South East Wales has been re-elected as YesCymru Vice Chair.

YesCymru Chair Phyl Griffiths said:

“It was a privilege and an honour to receive the invitation from my fellow directors to become Chair of an organisation that has come to mean so much to so many of us in Wales.

“Having said that, there is no time to reflect on that too much as there is plenty of work to be done. We are developing exciting plans to build and expand the appeal of YesCymru so that we can reach out to everyone in Wales.

“This is a pivotal time for the pro-independence movement, with opinion polls consistently showing support for an independent Wales at over 30%.

“We at YesCymru are determined to spread the message to the rest of the country that the best way for Wales to realise its potential is for us to take control of our own destiny and become an independent nation.

“Our core belief is a very simple one and it’s that our elected representatives who make decisions that impact our day-to-day lives should be elected by the people of Wales.

“Only those who are truly accountable to the people of Wales can be trusted to govern in our best interest.

“The people of Wales have been consistently let down by Westminster politicians who treat us as an afterthought.

“Becoming an independent nation will enable us to take our rightful place on the world stage and will enable us to take control of our money, our laws and our resources.

“This in turn will empower us to tackle the scourge of poverty that has been blighting our communities.

“Our country is abundant in resources and we have all the talent and ability we need to create a strong economy that ensures fairness for all. Whatever the question, independence is the answer.

“I would like to thank Elfed Williams, the previous Chair, for his hard work during the last few years as he steps down. I would also like to congratulate Naomi Hughes for being re-elected as Vice Chair and I look forward to continuing to work closely with her.”

Outgoing Chair and YesCymru Director for North Wales, Elfed Williams said:

“Phyl is always brimming with energy and creative ideas which he applies to campaigns, events as well as collaboration with other organisations.

“Phyl’s flair, hard work and positivity will drive the movement forward and I have absolutely no will inspire many more people to join our cause.”

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