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YesCymru statement - Prince of Wales

YesCymru Statement re the new King’s announcement that his son be titled Prince of Wales

As stated in our Articles of Association YesCymru does not take a position on the monarchy and its constitutional role within the United Kingdom or within a future Independent Wales. It will be for the people of Wales to decide if they wish to maintain a connection with the House of Windsor, just as it has been for dozens of Commonwealth nations before us as they have regained their Independence.

However, as an organisation YesCymru states unequivocally that it does not recognise that the English Crown has an executive right to impose a new Prince of Wales upon our nation without consent. In a modern democracy the people of Wales, either directly or through their elected representatives, should have input into such a symbolic decision regarding a known historically contentious title. 

No individual should have the right to give something which by definition belongs to Wales and not to the Crown without asking the people of Wales. 

Rulers, even symbolic ones, must have the consent of their people.

YesCymru would also like to state very clearly that it has no antipathy towards William or Kate as individuals who have lived and worked in Wales and who, on the whole, have been well regarded by those who have met them. YesCymru questions their right to be known as Prince and Princess of Wales when they have not been explicitly recognised as such by the collective decision of the people of Wales.

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