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YesCymru Milford Haven - Economy in a post-independent Wales

How much longer can Wales afford NOT to be independent (if it is to have any real say in its’ economic destiny). 

Too small and too poor WHY.

The London UK Government and the Insular UK Nationalists, state that the received wisdom is that Wales is “too small” and “too poor” to “go it alone” (while they do not state it, they appear to believe “too stupid” as well) as an independent country. However, the fact is that it is far from being the smallest or the poorest in Europe. The Baltic states of Lithuania population (2.8m), Latvia (1.9m), and Estonia (1.3m) and also Slovenia (2.1m) are all smaller, while Croatia (4.1m) and Ireland (5.0m) are slightly bigger than Wales (3.1m). We can make interesting comparisons as they have all rebuilt their economies since joining the EU, and all are independent states which were formally subordinate parts of a much larger political entity. 

These are all modern states with thriving economies, they show us what an independent Wales should be striving for. Independence and Welsh prosperity. 

Outside of Europe, another state which was formerly a British Colony before becoming part of the Malaysian Federation, only gaining independence in 1965, is Singapore with a population of 5.7m.

Its’ GDP of £0.53bn in 1960 was £283.65bn by 2019, which with a population of only 5.7m, is too remarkable to ignore, although Wales is extremely unlikely to achieve that growth. 

Remember: Wales is, Big enough. Rich enough. Clever enough. HAS HAD ENOUGH. 

We believe in an inclusive citizenship, which embraces the fact that all who choose to make Wales their home are full citizens of the new Wales. It is these people, the people of Wales, who alone should elect representatives to enter a Welsh Parliament to set rules and to govern sensibly our country. Vitally also, those elected should be permanent citizens of Wales, living here in what they look on as their HOME. No candidate who seeks to serve in our Welsh Parliament should have just lived in Wales for a short while so that they can claim some sort of residence. Personally, I think that the residency period should be at least two years full time for the two years immediately preceding the election. 

Wales alleged annual deficit. 

Now the first point to make about our alleged annual deficit in Wales is that NOWHERE are actual accounts of income and expenditure kept for Wales by the London UK Government. The London UK Government keeps and produces annual accounts for ALL of the income and expenditure for ALL of the UK including the devolved areas but does not keep accounts for each in separately. 

So, no one knows if Wales runs at a profit or loss, all they say are either made up “facts” or lies. 

Now let’s look at real FACTS. 

The last year that the London UK Government had a surplus over taxes raised over expenditure was 2001 – 20 YEARS AGO, and it has only had SIX years of surplus since 1970. FIFTY YEARS AGO. 

That is why the London UK Government has a debt of £2.3 TRILLION. 

This is an article written by Maria Pritchard of Yes Milford Haven and published in the Pembrokeshire Herald newspaper on 26.08.2022

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