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YesCymru CEO accuses Sunak of "trampling" on Welsh workers' rights

YesCymru CEO accuses Sunak of "trampling" on Welsh workers' rights with "immoral" anti-strike legislation

The CEO of YesCymru has accused Rishi Sunak of "trampling" on the rights of Welsh workers with the "immoral" anti-strike legislation. 

Gwern Gwynfil, who heads up the pro-independence group, made the comments after Tory ministers announced the planned crackdown on unions. He argued that independence is the only way to secure "a better future for Wales and all of her people"..

Under the legislation, which would be imposed on Wales from Westminster, employers will be able to sue unions and sack staff who take strike action.  

The legislation will enforce “minimum service levels” in six sectors, including the health service, rail, education, fire and border security. 

They will force a proportion of union members to continue working to maintain those “minimum service levels”, which would mean that strikes would be deemed illegal if unions refused to provide them.

Gwern Gwynfil YesCymru CEO said "The Sunak government’s attack on workers rights undermines the freedoms and values enjoyed by the Welsh population today. This Tory government has no democratic mandate in Wales and their action is deeply immoral and simply cannot be justified. 

"We value our people properly here in Wales, we don’t just clap for them when it suits us, these are our brothers and sisters, our neighbours and friends, mothers and fathers - all of whom deserve a reasonable quality of life and should not be expected to struggle constantly both at home and in the workplace. We must insist on Independence so that we can build a better future for Wales and all of her people. No more of Westminster trampling our rights and exploiting us for their own ends".


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