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YesCymru and the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales

In February of this year YesCymru contacted the commission and registered a request to take part as an organisation whose sole aim is to campaign for independence. 

Yes Cymru was subsequently invited to attend a Zoom meeting and three directors attended the meeting. The following is a synopsis of our discussion in accordance with the commission's guidance.


Our introduction consisted of a verbal presentation on-

  • The History of YesCymru Cyf,
  • The Need for constitutional change,
  • Why YesCymru Cyf believes Wales needs constitutional change and why independence was the best model- as set out in YesCymru’s Articles of Association
  • The steps to Independence;
  • That the legislative power to hold an independence referendum should lay solely with the Senedd and several factors should lead to  a referendum (which we outlined);


The commission set out several questions to YesCymru on our views on numerous areas of interest within any possible constitutional set-up, including.

  • Wales relationships with “Historical UK nations” 
  • The apportionment of debt and reserves 
  • Trade deals, borders & freedom of movement


Our conclusion to the commission was that YesCymru firmly believes that the problems Wales face can only be overcome  as an independent sovereign nation owning both the problems and solutions to the problems.

The process will now continue, and several more meetings will be held between YesCymru and the commission before the end of the consultation process.

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