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Westminster veto of Scottish Gender Bill an ‘attack on democracy’ - YesCymru CEO

‘Whatever your opinion on this law itself, this is an attack on democracy in Scotland that makes a mockery of Devolution. Only Independence can protect our rights to make our own laws’

The CEO of  the Welsh pro-independence movement, YesCymru, says Westminsters’ veto of the Scottish Gender Bill is fundamentally an “attack on democracy”.  

Gwern Gwynfil, made the comments after Westminster government ministers confirmed that they are vetoing the Scottish legislation, in defiance of the support it received in Holyrood (including the votes of two Conservative MSPs). 

He argues that independence is the only way to enshrine democracy in Scotland and Wales. 

"This move by the Conservative government in Westminster sets a dangerous precedent. Whatever your opinion on this law itself, this is an attack on democracy in Scotland that makes a mockery of devolution. Only Independence can protect our right to make our own laws here in Wales. 

“We must make it clear to all that until we secure our goal of Independence, Westminster will always have the power to ride roughshod over any decisions taken here in Wales. 

“Whether they do so for political point scoring, for cultural reasons or to prevent Wales from expanding its economic reach is no matter, the very fact that they can, means that they will do so when Wales displeases them. Independence is our only route out of this patriarchal, exploitative, authoritarian and anti-democratic relationship.’’ 

“Whatever your personal opinion on any given law, it is the essence of democracy to abide by the decisions of duly elected representatives in a majority. We can, and should, protest loudly and actively where we disagree, but veto by imperial diktat is simply unacceptable and an affront to voters. In this case in Scotland but it can happen to us in Wales at any time, over any matter,’’ Gwern added.

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  • Jason Hawkins
    commented 2023-02-28 11:45:44 +0000
    This is why I will not vote Yes Cymru. the act should have been abolished and saying its undemocratic is just a nonsense. These people need help not pandering to, so no Wales you still act like a petulant child in the face of real issues for people who are confused and dont need to be politicised. Useless welsh bastards in control is a recipe for a total effing collapse. Bunch of leek wearing lovies.