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Wales is being shafted - time and time again

Reacting to the news that Westminster has taken £155.5Million from Wales, on the basis that the Senedd hasn’t spent it yet, Gwern Gwynfil, Chief Executive of YesCymru, the campaign for an Independent Wales said:

‘This is a disgrace. How would you feel if your bank stole a huge chunk of money from your account because you hadn’t spent it? Money you’d carefully saved for a purpose so that you could improve your life in some way? Because this is what the Treasury does to Wales time and time again. It is time to take control of our own money, time for Independence’

This is nothing new either, in 2007 Westminster took back £385 Million in funding from Wales. Even in the years before devolution, John Redwood as Welsh Secretary boasted of cutting back in Wales so that money could be sent back to London.

Nerys Jenkins, Deputy Chair of YesCymru said:

‘This Union just takes, takes, takes from Wales. We have to say enough is enough. let us run our own affairs, spend our own money. make our own decisions, stand on our own two feet and be in control of our own affairs. Being farmed by Westminster so that they can try and reduce the damage caused by their own economic mismanagement is just not on. Why should Wales and the people in Wales pay for the mistakes of Westminster?’

It is becoming ever clearer that Wales will be better off Independent. Already the Constitutional Commission for Wales has made it clear that Independence is a better option than the existing flawed devolution settlement. As the whole of the UK gets ever poorer and diminished on the International stage, it is inevitable that Westminster will suck on the resources of Wales, vampire like, in an effort to maintain its status, wealth and power. History shows that the fate of Wales, of the children of Wales, does not matter to Westminster politicians who simply do not care one jot for Wales or its people. It is only through Independence that Wales finds its road to success, to wealth, to confidence.

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