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Top 10 things to do in Bangor this Autumn

What can you do in Bangor this Autumn?

Here are the Top 10 things you can do! Bangor, a cathedral city, is the oldest city in Wales. And more history will be made this autumn as the city hosts the next march for independence on Saturday September 23rd. From marching, rallying and more,  In a very particular order, here are the top 10 things to do in Bangor on the 4th weekend in September:


1. March for independence! 

Saturday, 23rd September.

Join thousands of indy supporters as they march through the city, banging the drum for independence. There’s always a party atmosphere at these marches, and Bangor will be no different! Bring your instruments, bells, whistles, and most importantly, your voice! Make new friends and do your bit for Welsh independence.

2. Indulge at the indy market!

Saturday, 23rd September.

What treats will this market bring?! Swansea brought welsh cakes and knitting! All the usual YesCymru merchandise will be available from the stall as well as stalls from other organisations from the indy sphere. Children can enjoy some crafts while you relax and wait for the march to begin!

3. Go to the indy gig!

Saturday, 23rd September, Bethesda.

Start the weekend right with a bit of music! These days the independence marches are enhanced by an evening gig to really get the action going. Bangor will be no different, so book the weekend away in the city to enjoy a night of indy themed music, entertainment and camaraderie. 

4. Go to YesCymru Question Time!

Friday 22nd September. 

YesCymru Question Time brings together opposing views on the future of independence. The first QT event was held in Aberystwyth at the YesCymru conference and was a huge success. This is your chance to have your question answered in Bangor! So, head to Bangor on Friday and make a start your weekend with a lively, but friendly debate.

5. Visit Penrhyn castle!


Any day, 10am - 4pm.

Penrhyn Castle is a Grade I listed building, recognised as Thomas Hopper's finest work. Built in the Romanesque Revival style, it is considered one of the most important country houses in Wales and as among the best of the Revivalist castles in Britain.

6. See the Suspension Bridge!

Any day.

The Menai Suspension Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Menai Strait between the island of Anglesey & the mainland of Wales, near Bangor. Completed in 1862, it was the world’s first suspension bridge. Like Penrhyn Castle, the Menai suspension bridge is also a grade I listed structure.

7. Unwind and recover at Cwm Idwal (nature Reserve)

Sunday, 23rd September.

If you still have the legs for it, don’t leave Bangor without visiting the beautiful Cwm Idwal Nature reserve. As the oldest nature reserve in the UK, these walks offer breathtaking views. “Explore Cwm Idwal – a bowl-shaped hollow filled with the crystal clear waters of Llyn Idwal, world famous forits rock formations and rare and fragile plant life.”

8. Visit Bangor University!

Any day.

Bangor university is steeped in history and well worth a visit. Founded as the University of North Wales in 1884, ‘Bangor’ was one of the founding Institutions of the University of Wales. The university occupies a substantial proportion of Bangor and it’s students comprise a significant proportion of the population. 

9. Visit Bangor Cathedral!

Any day.

Marvel at this gothic style cathedral, on a site that has been used for Christian worship since the 6th century. The site was originally occupied by St Deiniol’s monastery which lends its name to “St Deiniol’s Cathedral in Bangor.”

10. Lon Las Ogwen 

Sunday 23rd September.

A relatively easy stroll between Bangor and Bethesda, for those who still want to stretch their legs after the Indy march! This is the first section of route 82, the National Cycle Network The Trail is on the Guardian's list of "Five of the best scenic bike rides in Wales"


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  • Gareth Parry
    commented 2023-07-07 19:33:28 +0100
    20. In the heart of the City visit Storiel – Gwynedd council’s Art and History centre –
  • Gareth Parry
    commented 2023-07-07 19:29:42 +0100
    19. Try out your escape and problem solving skills in Bangor’s xscape rooms
  • Gareth Parry
    commented 2023-07-07 19:13:44 +0100
    18. Visit Abergwyngregyn and see the majestic waterfalls – Abergwyngregyn is also the birthplace of Princess Gwenllian , daughter of Llewelyn ap Gruffudd who when, Wales fell under Norman control. Gwenllian only a few months old, along with the daughters of her uncle Dafydd ap Gruffudd, were renditioned to a convent in Lincolnshire for the rest of their lives.
  • Gareth Parry
    commented 2023-07-07 18:58:09 +0100
    12. Visit Bangor Cathedral – The Final resting place of King of Gwynedd Gruffudd ap Cynan , his son Owain Gwynedd and his brother Cadwaldr and one of the significant sites of Owain Glyndwr’s 1402 uprising when Owain’s forces were alleged to razed the Cathedral to the ground- in 2025 the site of St Deiniol Cathedral celebrates 1500 years of existance making BANGOR Wales’ oldest city.
    13, Visit Bangor Pier saved by public action in the 1970s when faced with closure and now protected by the City of Bangor Council in partnership with the friends of Garth to safeguard the pier for today’s and future generation .
    14.Bangor’s great Pubs – Tafarn Y Glob , Patricks Bars, The Belle Vue, Tap and Spile and the Skerries just to name a few
    15. Bangor’s great mix of eateries – Bwyd Da, Clio Lounge, Kyffin Cafe and Deli , Miracle Cafe and a wealth of international eateries( far too many to mention) but a special mention for Valla’a fish and chip shop – award winner of best fish and chip in Wales
    16. Chill out space- Ashley Fields site of Bangor’s 1st National Eisteddfod and now a public green space with beautiful Sakura Trees
    17. Need cooling down ! Pay a visit to Antoniazzis on the high street for some fantastic homemade Gelato