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Launch of ‘comprehensive’ Welsh Independence book in Aberystwyth

YesCymru launched the most comprehensive document arguing for Welsh independence ever published in Aberystwyth today.

Independence in your pocket launch

The first edition of “Independence in your pocket”, which runs to 64 pages arguing the case for independence, was given to every member of the movement at YesCymru’s annual general meeting held at the Old College in the centre of Aberystwyth today.

Download a free copy of 'Independence in your pocket' (pdf)

Iestyn ap Rhobert, YesCymru Chair said:

“I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to this special booklet. It could be argued that this is the most comprehensive document arguing for Welsh independence to have ever been published. We do not claim to have all of the answers, but this booklet offers an important, positive starting point for future discussion. We hope YesCymru can fundamentally change the tone and content of the debate.

“As a movement we believe in an inclusive citizenship, which welcomes everyone who chooses to make Wales their home and choose to become citizens of Wales, regardless of their background. The aim of the booklet is to present arguments for independence by challenging the status quo. Faced with the arguments presented, coupled with the fast-changing constitutional landscape, we ask: How can the issue of Welsh independence be ignored any longer and what possible case is there for the status quo?"

Last month YesCymru released details from a YouGov poll which showed that a quarter of the people of Wales are now in favour of Welsh independence. Iestyn ap Rhobert added:

“The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. Scotland is readying itself for a second referendum on independence. The peaceful reunification of Ireland is on the agenda. The United Kingdom is changing radically, and Wales must not be left behind. The booklet responds to some of the most pressing questions regarding independence. How might a small nation like Wales survive and thrive in the modern world? What resources do we have to call upon? How would independence impact upon our economy and society? And what will our new relationship be with our fellow countries, whether near or far?

“Anyone who has long advocated Welsh independence will be all too familiar with these questions being thrown back at us by sympathisers and sceptics alike. The booklet welcomes such important questions as an invitation to engage in rational debate, and we hope that some of the content supplies Welsh citizens with the information needed to counter the weak, dispiriting arguments launched against us by defenders of the status quo and empower us to set the agenda for Welsh independence by framing the questions that have so far gone unasked.

“The publication also introduces a new and influential player on the Welsh political stage. YesCymru was created in Wales, in the summer of 2014, by a small group hoping to help the campaign for Scottish independence in the run-up to their referendum. The hope and anticipation was that the creative energy experienced that summer would be carried over into the Welsh political debate. Since then YesCymru has grown rapidly, with members and branches across Wales – and beyond, in London, New York and Patagonia.”

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