News from the YesCymru EGM

We're proud to announce the new YesCymru central committee elected at our EGM on the 8th of December 2018:

Siôn Jobbins (Cadeirydd)
Cian Ciarán (Is-gadeirydd)
Hedd Gwynfor (Ysgrifennydd)
Gwyn Llewelyn (Trysorydd)
Ifor ap Dafydd
Dilys Davies
Aran Jones
Bethan Siân Jones
Huw Marshall
Chantel Mathias
Mirain Llwyd Owen
Julian Hughes Watts

We'd like to thank the previous committee for their work.

The following Constitution was adopted at the EGM:

YesCymru Constitution, December 8, 2018 

The following motions were passed at the EGM:

1. Motion by Gwion Hallam
2. Motion by YesCymru Llundain

Newly elected YesCymru Chair, Siôn Jobbins, said,

"We've spent months discussing the internal constitution of YesCymru. That's been settled now. From now on, the only constitution YesCymru will be discussing will be the constitution of an independent Wales. The UK is dying, all members and supporters of YesCymru now have to work to make sure that an independent Wales raises from the debris of the British state."

Also here's an article on Nation.Cymru.