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New Welsh Independence Polling Shows Solid Support

35% of Welsh people want independence

A new poll by Redfield & Wilton released today shows Welsh independence support at 35%. Today’s poll continues the positive trend of strong, consistent polling numbers for Welsh independence. With 49% of those aged 35-44 in Wales supporting an independent Wales. Support across this age group has climbed consistently this year. 

Individuals cite the HS2 sham, the lack of control of Welsh resources and the condescending language of rule from Westminster as some of the many reasons they back independence. 

Voters are increasingly getting tired of the old worn-out politics of Westminster and the old Union. People are seeing independence as the best solution to the current predicament in which we are all locked as part of this increasingly unequal political union.

Commenting on the new polling data, Gwern Gwynfil says:

“This poll indicates that 35% of voters in Wales have come to the conclusion that the status quo does not work for them, that Westminster does not work for them, that the Union is broken. As the cost of living crisis continues to hit us hard, as Westminster denies us billions of pounds with its budget trickery over HS2, with our communities abandoned by the Westminster parties - people are seeing that independence is the best way forward. The Union is unfair, the Union is holding Wales and the people of Wales back, the Union is coming to an end.’’ 

‘’Why wait? Let’s leave and get to work on building a better, brighter future for ourselves and for our children”

“Wales could be so much more than we are allowed to be as members of the UK. There are plenty of countries of a similar size to Wales that are now wealthier than us, or are catching up with us rapidly, most enjoy a higher and better standard of living. Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, the list goes on, all showing us how we too can prosper as a free and independent country.”

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