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Following their hot off the press launch at the Aberystwyth Conference, we’re delighted to introduce the ‘Pec Indy’ cards. Designed specifically to give members a handy and tactile way to present and discuss independence facts and figures when engaging with the public, the cards were an instant hit with delegates who attended the Selling Indy Seminars where the cards were unveiled. 

Due to their modular nature, the boxed sets of 35 cards can be updated card by card and added to as new information becomes available, ensuring superior product longevity compared to binding within a book. The A6 size cards have a wipe clean anti-bac ‘playing card’ finish making them a professional and practical product. 

Please note; every accredited group will be given 1 pack free of charge. If your accredited group hasn’t received theirs, please get in touch to claim it now. 

The Pec Indy cards are also available to non-accredited groups and individual members for the highly discounted price of just £10 per pack. But you’d better be quick; nearly half were snapped up at the Conference!


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