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  • commented on Why an independent Wales should continue with a British Monarch 2023-11-14 12:58:26 +0000
    Our independence as a Welsh nation should always be the top priority and this independence should be truly independent with an independent law, justice, police, arm forces and a written constitution stating our independence as a nation that no body from outside Wales can override.
    … And recognized by the United Nations as a fully independent nation and member in our own right.

    However, the British monarchy can for a time post independence act as a diplomatic link between the nations of the British Isles and we would need this link to resolve all the transfer of powers and assets currently controlled the UK which should be powers exercise only by Wales and that Welsh assets and policies.
    For example, for those, like myself, that have paid in to the UK state pension scheme being able to continue to benefit from those assets and not lose them.
    We will also need to set up a central bank and issue our own currency and build an economic system including a stock exchange.

    Independence is a process that will take more than a day and we will need a long process of negotiations with the remaining UK nations to get the institutions of state including general justice & law and company law, taxation and welfare systems set up.
    This is especially true since the current Labour government is making very little preparations for our country’s future as an independent nation.

  • commented on The Penny is Dropping 2023-10-05 09:51:33 +0100
    As newly independent European nations we will have the option to join EFTA, EEA and the European Union.
    The EU being a decentralised bloc of democratic nations will give us power in the world where there are many trading blocs without losing our sovereignty.
    Each of our nations can spend our representatives to the European parliament and the European council of ministers.