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Thank you Gaynor

All good things come to an end, so they say, as has Gaynor Jones’ role as a Director of YesCymru.

Gaynor has been a cornerstone of the movement for a long time. Recently Gaynor decided to bring her time as a Director to an end, although she will continue to work with and advise directors, including continuing her role contributing to the work of RadioYesCymru.

There was a very long list of those who wanted to pay tribute to Gaynor for her incredible contribution over the past few years. Among them is the Chairman of YesCymru, Phyl Griffiths. "Gaynor has been an inspiration and motivation to us all through the good times but, more importantly, she has done this through difficult times in the development of YesCymru, and her commitment to the cause has ensured the ship of our organisation steer a course into still waters once again. Let no one think that Gaynor has retired from campaigning and acting for independence - as well as continuing to produce the iconic Radio YesCymru podcast, Gaynor will be just as active in her community and region. I have personally benefited greatly from Gaynor's advice and help and I thank her from the bottom of my heart not only for being a director and a nationalist and a half but also for being a friend." Former chairman Elfed Williams added: "Gaynor has worked tirelessly in the background, pushing us when needed but always ready to work hard himself, I know YesCymru will recognise his contribution."

Next to pay tribute was the Vice Chair of YesCymru, Naomi Hughes, who said "There will be a huge loss after Gaynor leaves. I would like to take the opportunity to thank her for her work, support and friendship. YesCymru has lost a Director, I have lost a friend on the Board, but more than that we have lost a woman who has been a role model for all women in Wales during her time on the NGB." Barry Parkin, Director for outside Wales said simply: "You've been a star Gaynor, take time to relax you deserve it. Enjoy!”

But thanks to Gaynor for her work have come in from the whole organisation including contributions from Teresa Parry, Chair of the Council of Deputies, Jac Jolly from YesBangor, Martin Palmer from YesPen-y-Bont and Bleddyn Williams from YesBethesda.

Clearly, Gaynor Jones' contribution to YesCymru has been extraordinary and the willingness of her Co-Directors and members to voice their thanks speaks volumes for the respect she receives from all those who have been lucky enough to have come to know her.

Diolch yn fawr, Gaynor.

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