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Council of Deputies

Yes Cymru’s first Council of Deputies meeting was held last week. The Council will be a core factor in improving structures within Yes Cymru and facilitate internal communication within our organisation.

Members were appointed to represent each region and they will be responsible for providing a voice for members and Yes Cymru groups about the future of Yes Cymru as well as helping to create strategies and policies whilst
working with the NGB, strengthening how Yes Cymru operates.

Teresa Parry (Cwm Rhymni) was elected to be Chair of the Council. She said “the Council’s work is remarkably important in my opinion, to represent members and groups and to provide assistance to the NGB. Yes Cymru is a
relatively new organisation and establishing this process is a big step as it matures. I look forward to working with members, groups and the Board as we look at issues, produce campaigns and develop strategies. The C.o.D. will be a
contact point between members, the regional councils and the Board which will facilitate communication and give a better understanding of what is happening within Yes Cymru. We will take advantage on this great opportunity
to look at using the skills of our members who are willing to contribute to YesCymru in order to make a difference.”

Phyl Griffiths, the Chair of Yes Cymru, added “From the very start, we have boasted that we are a grassroots movement. This is true, of course, but this exciting development means that grassroots groups representatives - for the
first time in the history of Yes Cymru - who will be able to steer the decisions of the organisation nationally.”

C.o.D Representatives

Teresa Parry (South East Wales) (Chair)
Geoff Leyshon (South East Wales)
Mark Rees (West & Mid Wales)
Aeron Dafydd (West & Mid Wales)
Dilwen Walsh (South Central Wales)
Jac Jolly (North Wales)
Richard Jenkins (South West Wales)
John Young (South West Wales)

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