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CEO Recruitment

YesCymru is pleased to announce that there is an opportunity to apply to be the organisation's firstĀ 
Chief Executive Officer.

This is an exciting new post, and this role is responsible for providing the
highest quality leadership to YesCymru and will manage the day-to-day operations of the
organisation. The role will develop and implement systems and processes that are going to further
develop the organisation.
The successful applicant is expected to have a significant influence on the debate on independence in Wales
and the constitutional future of Wales.

Andrew Murphy said on behalf of YesCymru

"This is the next natural step for the organisation as it develops its membership and ability to
campaign in many areas effectively. By adding a Chief Executive to the team of paid officers within
the organisation YesCymru will have the ability to provide full-time guidance to our members,
groups and grassroots campaigners."
"The campaign for independence for Wales, and the YesCymru movement face an exciting and
busy period over the next few years as Wales's constitutional future becomes centre stage.
Having an experienced paid officer at the helm will help develop our campaigns, and in developing the
range of our campaigning methods."

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