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Chapter 7

What about the monarchy?

YesCymru believes that the two issues of independence and the monarchy are best kept separate. Some who support Welsh Independence, or are indy-curious, may be in favour of keeping the monarchy, whilst others are staunch republicans.

One proposal is that the monarchy could be maintained after independence through adopting ‘Commonwealth realm’ status, following the historical precedent of countries such as Australia and Canada (where the British monarch remains the head of state). If we did retain the monarchy after independence, even temporarily, the relationship between Wales and the crown would be different.

Welsh land that is currently owned by the royal family – the Crown Estate – would transfer to the control of the Welsh Government. In 2019-20, the Crown Estate in Wales had property assets of £96.8  million and revenues of £8.8 million. There’s no massive windfall from the Crown Estate, but the money could be re-invested however a Welsh Government saw fit, with the land held in trust.

For those who are not in favour of keeping the monarchy, it is worth remembering that it took Ireland fifteen years (from the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty) to become a republic. If Wales opts not to have an elected head of state from the very beginning of independence, this question could be put to the people in a separate referendum as a constitutional amendment if the people of Wales give politicians a mandate to pursue it.


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