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Between the trees - a talk about independence

YesCymru held a talk at the Between the Trees festival - which is held in the beautiful setting of Merthyr Mawr and a great place to talk about why Wales should be independent.

We hear from from Niki Jones who stands with us and shares her perspective on Independence as someone who has moved to Wales from India and shows her love for Wales. She also taps into her professional experience as a therapist to discuss the thoughts and feeling to why we should be independent.

Economist Dr John ball adds an interesting perspective as to why and how Wales would benefit from Independence - a talk not to be missed!

Catrina O'Neil, a folk singer that has seen number of second homes in her local area increase dramatically, but this isn't the only reason she supports independence, Katrina welcomes those that want to grow jobs in the area.

Lynne Colston who has done amazing work on turning around Aberfan with some amazing stories that will inspire you - you can see from her talk the talent we have in Wales that would make us prosper as an independent nation.

Hear the response to questions from the audiences. This video is an hour long but well worth watching.


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