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Banners on Beaches

The Crown Estate has rights to the seabed to 12 nautical miles and manages 65% of Welsh beaches. To have an angle on the Queen's Jubilee and independence we would like to offer a variation to the successful Banners campaign on bridges?- this time it will be flags on Beaches!

 The campaign is intended to highlight the need to reclaim our land from the Crown Estate, of course, but also to underline our lack of powers to manage housing markets, and the impact that that will have on our coastal communities.

On the weekend of 11th and 12th June, YesCymru members and groups will be running a specific campaign to highlight the injustice of the current Crown Estate ownership of Welsh land.

No beach in your area? Join another group in a coastal area or use symbols of sand, a beach towel or the Yes Cymru flag and you can create your own symbolic beach!

Join your local group on your nearest beach, and remember to share your pictures on social media and with [email protected].


Many thanks to YesCymruRhyngwladol @cymru_yes for the use of the Banners on Beaches photo.

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