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Anti Harassment Statment

YesCymru has been made aware of the targeted harassment of YesCymru central committee members and YesCymru staff, we as an organisation will not tolerate harassment or abuse directed at committee members and staff. 

YesCymru has a duty of care, and responsibility for the wellbeing of our central committee members and staff, which we take very seriously. 

YesCymru staff are employed to act on behalf of the elected central committee, staff do not make the democratic decisions, the central committee does. Therefore if a member wants to raise an issue or suggestion regarding the organisation, we advise them to do so via the correct channels, their elected committee members. 

YesCymru committee members are elected to act on behalf of the members, and it is democratically correct and fair for members to ask them questions, and raise ideas. YesCymru has set up suitable avenues to do so, for more information see the ‘Get Involved’ section of the YesCymru website. Eg; we will soon be launching our first all-member online cafe, which any member can attend! We ask that all members use the relevant and appropriate channels to contact cc members. 

YesCymru is one of Wales’ largest political organisations, and fastest growing political movements in the UK! We, as an organisation, recognise there will always be bad faith actors, and non YesCymru supporters attempting to undermine the organisation. As such, we ask that paid-up members use suitable channels and processes to contact central committee members, so we can suitably respond to your ideas and questions.

YesCymru Central Committee

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