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38% in favour of independence!

According to the latest survey Redfield & Winton Strategies - Welsh Westminster, Senedd & Independence Referendum Voting Intention, 38% of people want Wales to become an independent nation.

The poll also showed that 41% of those aged 18 - 24 and a majority of those aged 25 - 34 (51%) would vote yes to independence. 

The monthly Welsh tracker poll showed that the number of people who would vote No to Wales becoming an independent country, if a referendum were held tomorrow, fell by 5% to 53%. However, those, who said they would vote Yes rose by a percentage point to 33%. While those who said they Did Not Know  would vote rose by 4 percentage points to 14%.

If the Don’t Knows are excluded, the percentage in support for independence rises to 38%.

YesCymru board member Geraint Thomas said:

“The overall poll in favour of a yes vote is only half the story. The true picture lies in our younger demographics.  All of the younger polling groups (under the age of 35) poll above 50%, and the 18-24 year old demographic poll at 55%. 

There is renewed energy and confidence within Wales’ younger generation, and they overwhelmingly see an outward looking independent nation as the only way to secure their future.”

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