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Why Membership is so important for YesCymru

Why Membership is so important for YesCymru

Whilst we are a political campaigning group we are not, and never will be, a political party with elected representatives. We must find other ways to make our voice heard in the political sphere.

In the simplest terms membership gives us weight and influence.

We need to be the largest political grouping in Wales to decisively shift the scales in favour of Independence.

In practical terms this means being larger than the Welsh Labour Party.

This will be a challenge. We need to triple our current membership and we will need to have around ten thousand more members than we had at the very peak of membership.

BUT getting there throws the door wide open on a multitude of opportunities.

In media terms we become the most important game in town and have to be given a voice on everything. No more Question Time in Wales without Independence squarely on the agenda!

It will force the Labour movement in Wales to address the question of Independence head on - no more papering over differences between Labour Unionists and Independence supporters with Home Rule fudge.

It will give us more resources to campaign, to organise, to contribute to the realities and possibilities of our future Independent nation.

It will be an unassailable statement of the depth of support for Independence in Wales today.

The prominence the lead spot gives us will enable us to communicate more effectively and clearly.

More members will mean more active volunteers, more enthusiasm, more nationwide conversations about Independence.

The dissemination of information will be broader and faster.

It is hard to overestimate the impact reaching these member levels could have. The single most important thing that any supporter of Welsh Independence can do is to add their voice to that of YesCymru by joining and pushing the ticker one click higher. 

Rulers can only rule with the consent of the people and we must gather together as one to make it clear that we no longer consent to Westminster rule.

We cannot just wait for the world to shape our future for us, we must make change happen. We have history and form in Wales - when communities coalesce we’ve done great things. From the establishment of our first University by subscriptions from across the length and breadth of Wales, to the working men’s institutes and their role in nurturing aspiration, to the birth of the NHS and, indeed, the Labour party itself. Together we can do this again.

Membership Matters. Independence. Annibyniaeth.

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