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Who Cares About Wales? Pt. 4 – 01.09.23

In the final part of this four-part article, YesCymru Director Geraint Thomas asks once again, who cares enough about Wales? Do enough people care to make a difference? 

I believe enough of us care about the future of Wales and its future generations. All of us care enough to understand that something needs to give, change must happen for things to improve. After all, Wales has form across the centuries. Wales has made things happen. Culturally we have long done so collectively, we are a nation of community.

Perhaps in this age, with its vast digital landscape, our forums and public spaces are different. The days of crowds at hustings and debating events might be over. Debate and discourse are often now keyboard-to-keyboard rather than face-to-face. Will we ever see the days of vast political gatherings again? Something we Welsh have historically enjoyed!

Perhaps, but either way our online spaces will be part of the modern landscape of multiple platforms of engagement and communication. The gelatinous nature of politics and belief binds people together. It can also lead to toxic echo-chambers of extremism which foster ignorance and even hatred.

History tells us that, eventually, people will find a collective voice when change becomes imperative. How this voice is projected will be as varied as history itself. Voices will emerge from introverted cocoons to become voices of reason in debate in the bar, the canteen, or around a kitchen table. This might develop into an affiliation with organised campaign groups. It might result in a desire for activism, and the need to ‘do’ something in the interests of change.

Campaigning is the culmination of the activism of the collective, seldom of the individual. If a collective can amass enough passion, desire, and belief, if it can agree on a clear vision of its end goal, then that campaign can and will succeed.

In our journey towards an independent Wales, our message is strong and clear: Wales needs to gain independence in order to thrive as a nation in the twenty-first century. To do so for the benefit of all its citizens. The campaign is rooted in the confidence of the possible, through discussions, debate, and discourse. The front lines of the campaign are pubs, workplaces, community centres, cafes, homes, clubs, parks, and pavements.

However, even a grassroots campaign must be organised. We must accept the reality today that any campaign needs resources in order to succeed. A membership organisation like YesCymru only succeeds through the efforts and activism of its network of members. It is in the work of many members, doing the small things, that it can support a sustained multifaceted campaign across all the communities of Wales.

If enough of us do care, and care enough, we can grow the campaign not only through sheer numbers, but through the strength of a mass-movement campaign. The goal is clear, and the message is clear. So ask yourself: do I care? And more importantly in building a successful campaign, do I care enough? Do enough of us care enough? 

If you care about Wales’ future and are interested in joining the campaign for a free and independent Wales, please visit 

Written by YesCymru Director, Geraint Thomas. Another version of this article was published by Byline Cymru on 31stMarch 2023.

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