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Michael Murphy (South Central)

My name is Mike Murphy. I am 63 years old, born in Cardiff, raised in Bridgend, and went to university in Cardiff. Since graduating as a Civil Engineer 40 years ago I have only worked in Wales for a few years, but for a lot of that time I have maintained a home in Wales while my career has taken me around the world. I have lived in London, Paris, Milan, Greece, Moscow, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Korea, Shanghai and even the Russian Arctic. I have also visited more than 60 countries - big and small - and have experienced many different economic and political systems, which serve as an inspiration for how to make a future independent Wales a success.

I am currently relocating to Saudi Arabia to see out the end of my working career and will eventually come home to retire.
Dwi'n gallu siarad tipyn bach o Gymraeg - ond tipyn bach yn unig. I am a strong supporter of the Welsh language, although I am conscious that we must not let language divide the independence movement.
Politically I describe myself as centre-left socially and centre-right economically, and while I have often voted Plaid Cymru, I have also voted for Labour and Liberal Democrats in the past. However, I have never voted Conservative and it is inconceivable that I ever would do.
I am a committed supporter of Welsh Independence, and in frustration at Plaid's half-hearted support for independence I was one of the founders of Gwlad (previously Ein Gwlad). I am not politically active with them, but I do contribute articles to their blog which can all be found with a quick google search of 'Gwlad Blog Murphy'.
In the past I have contributed to many websites and blogs on the subject of Welsh independence, often under the pseudonym Penddu. In particular the '' blog - my contributions there are now shown as Anon (I think because I closed my Blogger account) but my contributions are still recognisable.
I cannot offer any specific skills to support Yes Cymru, but as a senior manager in the construction industry I have strong organisational and communication skills and am used to developing delivery programs to meet specific objectives. I am certain that I can use my experience and skills to further the aims of Yes Cymru and to help achieve our goal of an independent and prosperous Wales. I am a firm believer that in order to win over the indy doubters we need to present a strong economic case - to prove not only that we are already rich enough - but that we can prosper further if we can free ourselves from the failed economic policies of Westminster.
I am a rugby fanatic and a lifelong supporter of Bridgend Ravens and occasional supporter of the Ospreys.
In the interests of full disclosure, I do not currently live in Wales, although I have an address in Cardiff and I am a member of Yes Cymru Caerdydd. I had intended to stand for an 'Outside of Wales' position but there is not a current vacancy. If there are sufficient applicants for the vacant South Wales Central positions I will stand aside for a locally based candidate, but I do not want to see the position go unfilled.