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Llewelyn Smith (South East Wales)

I'm a Welsh Nationalist and Historian based in Newport but often travels around the country trying to Passionately promote Yes Cymru and it's cause and our Nations history also such as Owain Glyndwr, The Chartists, St David, St Dwynwen, etc and is therefore willing to travel.

I also promote our cause through sport with Rugby being my Speciality as a Dragons season ticket holder and I try to go to as many Wales matches as I can eg in the 6 Nations, Autumn Internationals etc.

I have previously Chaired Yes Cymru Casnewydd/Newport and have in the past year stepped up to running Yes Cymru Baneri/Banners, collecting pictures of many of the events organised by Yes Cymru such as it's Independence Marches and the Banners on Bridges that have taken place by several branches of Yes Cymru all over Wales to post on the Yes Cymru Baneri Facebook Page and on it's Twitter page.

I have also been promoting Yes Cymru outside our nation too such as Edinburgh, Scotland by joining their march for independence and Truro, Cornwall for their march for independence, in London, England by waving the flag of Yes Cymru in front of Buckingham Palace and Westminster and by waving my Yes Cymru flag whilst away on Holiday in Cyprus too and in Northern Ireland in several parts of Belfast including in front of Stormont.

I would like to promote the Yes Cymru Campaign by being more involved in the organising of future Independence Marches in other parts of Wales that we haven't had marches at yet, particularly where it has such great history such as in Newport with it's History of the Chartists or in Machynlleth where Owain Glyndwr opened his first Parliament there or Aberystwyth with it's University and with it's Castle's history with Owain Glyndwr, etc etc.

I've also in the past 3 years made Friends both within our cause of here in Wales and also in the other Celtic Nations who are also campaigning for Independence in Scotland, Cornwall and for Reunification in Ireland and by doing so I've been trying to assemble an all Celtic Alliance where we have so far been helping each other out by attending each others Marches etc, with the idea that at some point in the future I would like to organise an all Celtic March in London consisting of those involved in Welsh Independence, Scottish independence, Cornish Independence and Irish Reunification plus any other support is also welcome to unite in a March together in London to March to Westminster from Buckingham Palace via Trafalgar Square and 10 Downing Street. This way we can make our voices heard on the very own doorstep of the Westminster Government and the Monarchy.


Llewelyn Smith