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Aled Jones (Mid & West Wales)

I live in Gwynedd and have worked in financial services since graduating from Cardiff
University in 2010. My job involves travelling around Cymru to discuss people’s finances,
including their aims and deepest concerns.
What my job and life experience has told me is that, even if we don’t like to admit it, much of
what we do is dictated by our finances and financial fears. Whether it’s concerns about being
unable to put food on the table, getting on the housing ladder, or ensuring your children and
grandchildren are looked after, people act and vote on what they believe is in their own, their
families, and the overall country’s best interests. As we saw from Scotland’s Indy
referendum campaign, finance and economics matter greatly. As an advisor to Bill Clinton
said, “it’s the economy, stupid”.
Cymru has suffered greatly from poor economic management for centuries and there’s no
sign of any change from Westminster. We urgently need to replace their apathy and
disrespect with an economic model that works for Cymru and its people. The main challenge
for YesCymru is to convince voters that the existing economic and political model is broken
and that Annibyniaeth is a big part of the answer.
Despite people’s well-meaning concerns, the Commission on the Constitutional Future of
Wales stated that Annibyniaeth is viable, but they also said there would be risks and short-
term difficulties. To get the support of the majority, we need to use the momentum created
by the excellent work of YesCymru’s Directors and countless volunteers to push beyond the
40% barrier by continuing to address people’s financial fears head-on with honesty and
The movement is in an excellent position with most young adults supporting our cause and,
after a difficult year, we are also on a stable financial footing. This means we can move
forward positively by supporting more local group activities around Wales and invest to
target specific Indy-curious groups.
I will work hard and use my financial expertise to ensure that YesCymru’s finances are
efficiently managed and to communicate effectively with the Indy-curious