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YesCymru welcomes huge increase in support for Welsh independence

YesCymru welsh independence poll

YesCymru, the grassroots campaign for Welsh independence, has welcomed new research by Cardiff and Edinburgh universities, which shows that 19% of people in Wales think the country should be independent.

In recent years, polls have suggested that support for independence could have been lower than 10%. But the large sample size, of over two thousand people, shows that support is now much higher, at one in five people.

The Chair of YesCymru, Iestyn ap Rhobert, said:

“This new poll by respected Russell Group universities shows how much support there is for Welsh independence.

“In the past, people have tried to paint our independence movement as being a fringe idea. But it’s clear now that Welsh independence is mainstream.

“It’s worth remembering that in the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey in 2012, support for independence was almost at the same level, at 23%. Just two years later Scotland very nearly voted for independence.

“The simple truth is that in Wales we need to throw off the dead weight of incompetent Westminster. That crumbling parliament is holding us back. The survey results show how much Welsh people understand this.

“We don’t get a good deal but through independence we could be the nimble, modern and confident country that Wales has always had the potential to be. We now know what we need to do in YesCymru. We already have support from one in five people. So if each of those pursuades just two people we will have three out of five and a majority.

“If you’re one of the 19% I’d ask you to do two things:

  1. Join our 10,000 for Welsh independence campaign. We’re asking everyone who wants an independent Wales to take the pledge to vote “yes” in a future referendum
  2. Join YesCymru to be part of grassroots campaign for Welsh independence

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