Vaughan Williams

North Wales

I have been a member of Yes Cymru from the very start and believed in an Independent Cymru and the ability of all those who call our nation home to govern ourselves. I have wide knowledge of the independence movement and over several years have enjoyed working with enthusiastic members of Yes Cymru selling our joint vision of an independent nation.

I have held various jobs in different roles since leaving school. From a cleaner at Ysbyty Gwynedd to working as a teacher for the last 12 years in Abertawe, Caergybi and Aberystwyth. Working in different parts of our nation has allowed me to meet the many faces of Cymru in every context. If successful in this I would welcome the opportunity to work widely with the whole movement and to be inclusive. Of great importance will be an independent mind and listening to the views of all members in moving forward. I will work to the best of my ability to ensure the success of Yes Cymru and the independence movement. I look forward to working with others for a better and independent Cymru.

I believe I have a wide variety if skills which I can offer. Being a teacher I must be organised and be able to plan ahead. My job also marries the importance of collaboration and working with others.

I'd like to thank humbly those who nominated me, I'm very grateful.

Dros Cymru!

Political affiliations: Independent Cllr for London Rd Ward, Caergybi.