You are invited by to quote for the provision of Social Media Management and Creative Content & Design.

Your  quotation must be received by 12.00pm (midday) on 31-3-22. It is the responsibility of all suppliers to  ensure that their quotation response is received no later than the appointed time. YesCymru may  undertake not to consider quotations received after that time.  

YesCymru are not bound to accept the lowest priced or any quote and shall not be bound to accept  the supplier as sole supplier. Prices quoted shall remain firm for the duration of the contract. Value  Added Tax (VAT) should be shown separately and the VAT registration number given.  

The quotation will be evaluated using the following criteria and weightings:  

Evaluation Criteria 






Contractor Qualification and  experience


Information about both tenders can be found here: Social Media Management and Creative Content & Design.

Enquiries and returns should be addressed to  [email protected]  

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