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Pages tagged "Plaid Cymru"

The independence debate needs a dose of honesty – but it’s unlikely to come from inside the Senedd

Wednesday saw the Senedd debate independence for the first time as Plaid Cymru put forward a motion arguing that the right to call a referendum should reside in Wales, not Westminster.

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Support for independence up in St. David’s Day Poll – support for Senedd’s abolition flat

Support for Welsh independence has risen again in the latest yearly St. David’s Day Poll, with 11% supporting independence in a multi-option question compared to just 7% last year.

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Wales has woken up to independence – so the campaign of our lives starts now

Yesterday, the Welsh independence movement firmly moved from the margins and into the mainstream.

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The Merthyr independence march is an opportunity to forge a new Wales

Today, thousands of us will march in Merthyr calling for Wales’ independence and the symbolism and significance of this cannot be understated.

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Wales may have to reassess independence if the UK breaks up, First Minister says

First Minister Mark Drakeford has indicated that his government would reconsider Welsh independence as an option, if the UK broke up.

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Independence ‘will benefit England as much as Wales’ says Adam Price

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price has called on the nations of Britain to adopt a model of cooperation based on Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg once they achieve independence.

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