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Pages tagged "Mythbusting"

How the Welsh independence movement can beat Westminster’s populist propaganda

Nation Cymru has invited suggestions for ‘What Next?’ as we enter the new decade of the 2020s, and in the wake of last month’s General Election.

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The economic questions about independence have been answered – but are politicians listening?

In Nation Cymru on 13th September, Mick Antoniw joined the debate on independence, raising not unreasonable questions about the economics of independence that need to be answered, and I am happy to do so.

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Winning the economic argument is the key to Welsh independence

As one of the founder members of YesCymru Aberystwyth, I have had dozens if not hundreds of conversations with people about independence.

With friends, family members, work colleagues and strangers; Particularly on street stalls which we have held over the last year and a half since we set up our group campaigning for independence.

In almost every conversation I’ve had about independence the question of affordability is cited as the reason why Wales can’t become independent.

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The Big Noes II: Too Poor

Next, it’s time to look at some of the most popular tropes and idioms relating to the economy used by those opposed to independence.

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The Big Noes I: Too Small

This mini-series is a re-write and re-vamp of one of my most popular posts on the old Oggy Bloggy Ogwr – my 100th post at the time.

It’s a look at some of the most common arguments used against Welsh independence – some I’ve heard or seen myself, some have been simplified but very few of them are strawmen, they’ve all been used at some point directly or indirectly.

In Scotland it’s known as, “Too Wee, Too Poor, Too Stupid” but here it’s, “Too Small, Too Poor, Too Stupid, Too Welsh”.

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The Big Noes III: Too Stupid

Are the Welsh uniquely unable amongst all 190+ nations in the world to run ourselves? Some people certainly think so.

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