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Pages tagged "Future of the Union"

With Welsh independence polling higher than ever it is no longer a fringe movement

The highest level of support yet recorded for Welsh independence is among the stand out findings from the latest Welsh Political Barometer poll.

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Will the coronavirus pandemic stop the Welsh independence movement in its tracks?

One thing that has become evident over the last month is that the coronavirus pandemic is going to become a major, historical turning point on a global scale.

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A hostile Westminster is waking Wales up to independence – will Welsh Labour wake up too?

I’ve purposefully waited to write this article until now.

Until Roger Awan-Scullly’s latest poll showing Labour in second place in Assembly and Westminster voting intentions, until Boris’ ‘tour’ and creation of a ‘Minister of the Union’ (or is it ‘for’ the union…his spokespeople don’t seem to know the difference); until our First Minister had had a chance to meet with the reality of where we are.


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Wales may have to reassess independence if the UK breaks up, First Minister says

First Minister Mark Drakeford has indicated that his government would reconsider Welsh independence as an option, if the UK broke up.

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