Phyl Griffiths

South Wales East

From the mildly acrid but oddly appealing aroma of the printers' ink of the Plaid Cymru posters piled high in my 1970s childhood home, to joining Yes Cymru and enjoying the privilege of being a very poor Freddie Mercury to over 5,000 indy fans in the Merthyr march, I feel like I've probably always been treading this path.

There have been times when it felt like independence was something that was never going to happen, but I firmly believe that YesCymru’s ability to unite supporters of different parties and to engage the interest of those who’d lost all faith in party politics is a huge game-changer.

In the months ahead, I’d like to see a reinvigorated YesCymru;

  •   Engage with, retain and grow its membership.
  •   Hold national street stalls, engaging with people across Cymru, personally delivering the counter-arguments to the decades of ‘too small, too poor’  
  •   Launch imaginative campaigns, holding Westminster to account at every turn.
  •   Ramp up the levels of community sports and social groups sponsorship.  
  •   Reassess the £500 annual allowance to branches – a grassroots movement deserves much better.

I can’t lay claim to having any managerial, directorial or accounting skills on a professional level but I do possess the ability to engage with people amicably, creatively and constructively. I believe this to be a very valuable asset in achieving compromise and progress.

YesCymru must continue to be what it was set up to be; a single-issue movement. Annibyniaeth is our goal and working towards achieving the 51% will be a mammoth slog that’ll take every single calorie of energy we can throw at it.

I pledge to have nothing but the best interests of YesCymru at the heart of my words and actions.

Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Political Affiliation: Plaid Cymru member