Owain Williams

Candidate for Mid and West Wales

Having been involved in the Welsh political scene over the past few decades, I feel that I have the experience and know-how to contribute positively towards the process of restructuring and re-establishing Yes Cymru as a major force in the future political landscape of our nation.

It is my firm belief that there are challenging times ahead following what has been a difficult and tempestuous. Whereby a great many people and members with YesCymru have been questioning whether our movement would survive never mind grow back to its former power base. due to the very fact that the movement had mushroomed in a short period of time, it was probably inevitable that there would be attempts from certain quarters to undermine and even destroy its very existence. all of us who care about our nation's future must accept the truth of the matter and act without delay in order to restore Yes Cymru in its former position of strength and to expand further to be the true leader in our struggle for independence.

since there isn't the space here to elaborate on what's gone wrong, whether there were individuals who penetrated the movement for selfish reasons or who had narrow agendas or whether it was more sinister with perhaps small splinter groups trying to capitalise and take over for their own ‘political’ ends. whatever the answer may be my belief is we should and must recommit ourselves as the champions that will lead to the independence of our nation.

In closing, I will try to elaborate on why I believe that I can play a positive role for the future. politically I have served almost 35 years as a District (and later a County) Councillor on Cyngor Gwynedd. Since its formation as a political party in 2008, I have been the leader of ‘Llais Gwynedd’ - our policy includes support for independence after the council elections in May this year I am stepping down having fought and won seven elections. This will give me more time to concentrate on Yes Cymru and the fight for national freedom.

 Maybe I should add here that prior to my stint as a county councilor I was involved in direct action and was one of the three who set up Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru (MAC). later together with Emyr Llywelyn and John Albert Jones, we sabotaged the work on that river and dam when we blew up a transformer, both Emyr and myself were sentenced to a year’s imprisonment. later in 1968 – 1969 I was involved in the anti-investiture protests during which time I was arrested, but was later acquitted on the grounds of a strong suspicion I had been framed.

Then on a more ‘passivist’ level, I wrote about the history of Capel Celyn and Tryweryn in Welsh; ‘Cysgod Tryweryn’ was its title. Later about five years ago I wrote My Autobiography ‘Tryweryn: A Nation Awakes’ instantly a short documentary was completed last year, based on my book, it's titled ‘The Welshman’. some of you may have seen it in small cinemas across Wales.

That's about it I guess, oh also I'm involved in running a small family business in the hospitality sector.

Political Affiliations: Cllr for Llais Gwynedd