Nerys Jenkins

South Wales Central

My name is Nerys Jenkins, I have spent the last 20 years as a Manager in the motor trade with the last 6 years as a Senior Manager.   I bring a wealth of experience of having worked my way up in the extremely competitive and tough arena that the motor trade can be, from the shop floor to the senior position I now hold.

Part of my education was through the medium of Welsh having attended Ysgol Gymraeg Llanhari.   I am now in the enjoyable process of reuniting with my language.

I am supported in my application, by my partner Lorraine. We have been together for some 21 years and in a Civil Partnership since 2010.  We have for the past five years been guardians to my niece, Tigerlillie. We live in Bridgend county with our 10-year-old rescue dog Alfie.

 I am honoured and privileged to be nominated by fellow Yes Cymru members in a bid to win your vote to be a Director in the new constitution that I supported.

I am familiar with the Nolan seven principles of public service and will always abide by them.  I am known amongst my peers for my integrity and have always performed my duties as a Senior Manager with skill, care, and diligence.  

In relation to a Director Role, I have particular experience in people and change management, procurement and project management.  

As a Yes Cymru member you will probably be aware of the many people who still doubt the viability of Cymru as an independent nation. ‘Too poor’ is the most common sentiment that I hear when talking about Welsh Independence.

I see the broad remit of the Directors of Yes Cymru to be one of education and raising awareness of the affordability of  Cymru being an Independent nation, free of Westminster's incompetent governance and corruption.

YesCymru needs to bring a professional approach to presenting punchy & concise methods of raising awareness, convincing the people who live in Wales that we are a viable nation, who can take responsibility for our own affairs. Marketing, excellent social media and group events in our communities will be key to this.

Members of Yes Cymru are by their very nature, passionate of people who care deeply about the many threats that we face today.  I am also very passionate about many causes and injustice in our society today but this address is about the existential threat to our nation, our culture and our language that we experience every day.  There is a growing swell of support for independence and a growing number of people who are Indy curious.  My desire is to harness and grow this heartfelt expression.

I will be proud and privileged to work as hard as a Yes Cymru Director to achieve this aim.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my statement.

Political Affiliation: Previous member of Plaid Cymru