National Governing Body Directors



Following an election of directors from the mid and west region, YesCymru now has directors from each region for the new National Governing Body (NGB).

1,556 members voted in the election for the three remaining posts on the NGB.

17 places were available on the board, 15 of these have been filled. You can meet all the new directors here and read all about who they are and their vision for an Independent Wales.



Ifor ap Dafydd

I was born in Cardiff, raised in Flintshire, and now live in Aberystwyth. I read English at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and did research on the work of Saunders Lewis at Aberystwyth University. I am a Digital Archivist at The National Library of Wales. Before joining the Library I taught at the Department of Welsh, Swansea University and worked on



Geraint Thomas

I am originally from the Nantlle Valley, but have lived for over a decade now in Llidiardau near Bala. I'm married to Meleri and the father of three. I graduated in Communications and Media in the mid-90s, working in the media for over a decade. I am now a professional photographer by trade, and founder and owner of the Panorama gallery in Caernarfon town centre for over 16 years. My day-to-day work relates to a number of projects across North West Wales, and a wide number of international companies are among my regular clients.



Gaynor Jones

I am standing for election as Director of YesCymru for a number of reasons. Firstly because I have come to believe totally that independence is the only way Wales as a nation can survive. This has become even more apparent since the full scale onslaught of the current UK Conservative government on our democratic institutions and rights here in Wales. It has blatantly dismantled devolution and undermined the powers of our elected representatives in the Senedd, and its corruption and misrule is a recipe for disaster not just for us but for the wider UK populace. It's time for us as a nation and for our politicians and leaders to grow up, take responsibility and start making plans to leave this dysfunctional union.




Nerys Jenkins

I have spent the last 20 years as a Manager in the motor trade with the last 6 years as a Senior Manager. I bring a wealth of experience of having worked my way up in the extremely competitive and tough arena that the motor trade can be, from the shop floor to the senior position I now hold.

Part of my education was through the medium of Welsh having attended Ysgol Gymraeg Llanhari. I am now in the enjoyable process of reuniting with my language.



Christine Moore

I was born and brought up in Bridgend, to parents from the Pendre and Mackworth Street areas. My grandfathers were a rag ‘n’ bone man and a bus driver, and my grandmother was a seamstress.

I have lived with my partner in the Ogmore Valley for over 20 years and am the parent of three grown-up children. I brought up the eldest two, for the main part, as a single parent.




Mihangel Ap-Williams

I'm very passionate about getting Wales independence, I think about the hows and the whys, this give me ideas that I like to promote on my Facebook page and twitter profile, this is financially free Wales.

I have run several businesses that have provided for me and workers, I have also invested in companies on the stock exchange, money is a learning passion of mine, I like understanding how finances effect everything and I respect this field of study!



Phyl Griffiths

From the mildly acrid but oddly appealing aroma of the printers' ink of the Plaid Cymru posters piled high in my 1970s childhood home, to joining Yes Cymru and enjoying the privilege of being a very poor Freddie Mercury to over 5,000 indy fans in the Merthyr march, I feel like I've probably always been treading this path.




Vaughan Williams

I have been a member of Yes Cymru from the very start and believed in an Independent Cymru and the ability of all those who call our nation home to govern ourselves. I have wide knowledge of the independence movement and over several years have enjoyed working with enthusiastic members of Yes Cymru selling our joint vision of an independent nation.



Elgan Owen

I joined YesCymru in May 2020 and started the Llanfairfechan group in November 2020. I have previous directorial experience having been a director and trustee of a national parenting charity and as a trustee of a county voluntary council and believe that these experiences, as well as my experience of working in the third sector, are well placed to support and develop YesCymru over the next few years, and to ensure support and development for the groups and volunteers to continue their invaluable work to promote independence.



Elfed Williams

I am putting my name forward to become a Director of Yes Cymru because I believe my background and experience will assist the movement in taking the next steps in building a strong robust structure that will help us achieve our goal of Independence for Wales.




Andrew Murphy

I live in Bro Morgannwg and would like to ask for your support in seeking selection to YesCymru’s NGB.

I was born and brought up in Cardiff in the 1960’s to Welsh-British parents. My family cheered every Welsh achievement with pride never more so than during the Five Nations, cramming into my Uncle Gordons house in Fairwater barley room to stand especially when Wales played England.



George Hudson

I studied political philosophy at Cardiff University from 2013-2016, and read for a Masters in Business Administration (also at Cardiff University). My work background covers food manufacturing and warehousing management.

I joined YesCymru because I saw how dire the state of democracy was in the UK. I want to transform Wales into a prosperous independent democracy, capable of providing a better life for all its citizens.



Richard Huw Morgan

As one of the original 500 members of YesCymru I have demonstrated a long term commitment to the establishment of Cymru as an independent country. Only through independence will we have the opportunity to create a better country through managing our own affairs, and through allowing the people of Wales a democratic choice in the running of their country.




Louise Aikman

It’s an exciting time for Wales, and for our national campaign for independence. To move forward our Members expect us to reflect their passion, but also need us to operate with efficiency, agility and with great competence. I have the skills, experience and dedication to
support Yes Cymru’s evolution into an organisation that will provide the services demanded by 18,000 Members, and by the many tens of thousands of supporters across Wales.



Barry Parkin

I have business and management experience at Company Director level that I believe will help YesCymru take the significant and important step of transitioning from Unincorporated Association to Limited Company. My management experience within a fast growing environment will also help YesCymru to manage the high growth that it has been experiencing, and to build on that growth.