Mihangel Ap-Williams

South Wales East

Thank you for taking the time to read, I'm very passionate about getting Wales independence, I think about the hows and the whys, this gives me ideas that I like to promote on my Facebook page and Twitter profile, this is financially free Wales.

I have run several businesses that have provided for me and workers, I have also invested in companies on the stock exchange, money is a learning passion of mine, I like understanding how finances effect everything and I respect this field of study!

I also studied Marketing, I get a firm idea of the psychology of people and how to interpret their needs and what they need to understand in order to buy, this will help with understanding the arguments for independence debates!

the YesCymru Group should be working together and singing from the same page, when talking to people in the streets, you will feel confident in what you are saying and when promoting independence, you should not feel like you do not have an answer or an understanding ear for peoples concerns!

YC's mission is to help the Groups have this information, I hope to bring these ideas to the groups and the Core YC movement!

Political Affiliations: Cllr for Plaid Cymru