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Joining YesCymru requires a minimum monthly donation of just £2 a month. If you can afford more, then please give generously. 

We are fully funded by our members and donations we receive from the public. We're also a not-for-profit organisation and so that means all money we raise goes straight to our campaigning for an independent Wales. 

Join us, and be part of our national campaign for an independent Wales.

See who else is donating:
Daniel Brock
Alex Smith
David Skone
Wil Morus Jones
Jac Davies
Maurizio Sorge
Urien Huws
Elin Dimmick
Matthew Owen Williams
Guto Huws
Richard Bartley
Sharon Chapman
Trevor Keane
Antwn Owen-Hicks
Regan Hughes
Owain James
Will Davies
Michelle Williams
Joseph Doherty
David-John Holland
Meilir Ellis
Gwion Parrington
Dean John
Talat Chaudhri
Katherine Painter
Stuart Roberts
Geraint Williams
Ioan Davies
Cavan Cross
Owain Walker