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Joining YesCymru requires a minimum donation of just £5 per year if you are in full-time education, are unemployed or are over 65 years old. If you can afford more, then please give generously.

We're fully funded by our members and donations we receive from the public. We're also a not-for-profit organisation, which means all the money we raise goes straight to our campaigning for an independent country.

Join us, and be part of our national campaign for an independent Wales.

See who else is donating:
Rhodri Nicholas
Julia Burns
Christine Jones
steve Ryan
samuel williams
Antony Lawrence
John Davies
Liam Edwards
Kate Sidford
Sarah Nolan
Gareth Lewis
Michael crocker
Salvatore Garfi
George Mansell
George Mansell
Devra Applebaum
Joshua Morgan
Hugh Roberts
Helen Davies
Huw Davies
Alan Hughes
Keith Collins
Jamie Pugh
quentin heaney
John Price
Shauna Sculley
Peter Jeffs
Ian Ruston
Lloyd Warburton
Tyler Griffiths