New poll shows surge in support for an Independent Wales

A new Yougov poll published on WaleOnline today has shown a surge in support for an independent Wales. 32%* said they would be certain to vote for independence in a referendum, with 41%* supporting the idea of an independent Wales in the EU if Brexit happens.

Responding to the poll, Siôn Jobbins – the Chair of YesCymru, the campaign for an independent Wales – said:

"This poll has the support for independence at the highest level ever, and clearly shows that the people of Wales are warming towards the idea of Wales becoming an independent nation state just like Ireland, Iceland or Denmark.

"Westminster isn’t working, and people are realising that Wales can do a better job of running its own affairs than being ruled by Westminster.

"YesCymru has groups across Wales campaigning for an independent Wales, and people of all backgrounds are welcome to join us. It’s extremely encouraginmg to see that younger people now favour independence over Westminster rule, and the support is highest in Cardiff and the populated valleys where a lot of campaign work has already taken place."

"We will continue to organise marches, rallies and local and national meetings over the coming weeks and months, and we are more confident than ever that support for independence will continue to go from strength to strength."

*These figures discount those who said that they wouldn't vote, refused to answer or didn't know. You can download the full results here (PDF).

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