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Get Involved!

Join your local group! 

You can find your local group on our interactive map here;

How you do this is by: searching your location on the map, click on the thumbnail that is closest to you, and you will find all the relevant contact information for your local group. 

Your Central Committee Members!

The committee meets monthly, on the last Saturday of the month. If you would like to share an idea or raise any issues with YesCymru, contact your committee members directly on [email protected]

Group Meetings!

Every month all local group role holders meet to discuss and share ideas. If you would like to raise an idea for discussion, you can contact your local group role holders and ask them to raise it for you.

National Committee!

The national committee is made up of YesCymru role holders + central committee members and meets twice yearly. If you would like to share an idea with the national committee, you can do so by emailing [email protected] or your local group role holder.


We are introducing a new all-member cafe, that any member can attend to raise ideas, and improve their Welsh! This meeting will (provisionally) take place fortnightly, using software called Hopin. 

The first section of the meeting will be a space for members to improve their Welsh, and the second half of the meeting will be a space for raising ideas and getting to know one another. We look forwards to meeting you all! 

Please check our Twitter for when the next All Member Cafe will be! Please follow this link to join the fortnightly all member cafe: (Link coming soon)