George Hudson

South Wales Central

My name is George Hudson, I have been a member of Yes Cymru since October 2020.

I studied political philosophy at Cardiff University from 2013-2016, and read for a Masters in Business Administration (also at Cardiff University). My work background covers food manufacturing and warehousing management.

I joined YesCymru because I saw how dire the state of democracy was in the UK. I want to transform Wales into a prosperous independent democracy, capable of providing a better life for all its citizens.

As a director of YesCymru I want to work to developing an academic body of research around independence. In areas such as pensions, new economic/business models, border politics, currency, human rights, and health policy.

This will allow us to create a platform by which to inform the citizenry of Wales of the opportunities independence can offer. We must work to create an informed nation, an engaged nation; and ultimately a nation that will hold its representatives to account. I expect no less a standard, whether a director of YesCymru, or the president of an Independent Cymru.

Only your support can bring this vision to fruition, I want to carry the membership forward with confidence and clarity. Together we can do this. Together, we can win an informed Annibyniaeth.

Diolch yn fawr.

Political Affiliations: None