Louise Aikman

Outside Wales

I'm Louise, a lawyer with 13 years' experience working with large national companies and charitable organisations. I have expertise in creating a frameworks to ensure that all legal requirements are met. 

It’s an exciting time for Wales, and for our national campaign for independence. To move forward our Members expect us to reflect their passion, but also need us to operate with efficiency, agility and with great competence. I have the skills, experience and dedication to

support Yes Cymru’s evolution into an organisation that will provide the services demanded by 18,000 Members, and by the many tens of thousands of supporters across Wales.

Here are some examples to show why I am a good choice for the post of Secretary. 

Meeting administration

I’ve years of experience in organising efficient board meetings to comply with a company’s governing documents and administrative law. I’m Company Secretary at a finance start-up, I organise quorate meetings, prepare necessary resolutions, take minutes and get them approved/signed promptly. As a business coach I drive progress, on board actions and as a solicitor I ensure meetings are properly run.

I would work with the Committee on a timetable for completion of tasks before, during and after a Committee meeting and measure KPIs against myself and the Committee’s performance in adhering to the timetable.

Records and administration

In my role as a Solicitor, I have a legal duty not just to ensure proper records are kept but that they are kept in accordance with data protection laws. I have extensive experience in data protection, mostly recently:

* as a data protection volunteer with a charity aiming to empower vulnerable and disadvantaged young people with a mix of MMA training and personal development; and

*as Data Protection Officer for a film company where I carry out legal risk assessments and create simple processes the team can follow to maintain legal compliance.

At Yes Cymru, I’d review the current data protection framework and, if necessary, suggest how it could be strengthened.

I have a lot of experience of writing all kinds of documents and information on best professional practice. I have written annual reports for large companies with many other contributors. At the moment, it is quite important to organise letters, reports and minutes with attention to detail, one of my strengths 

Yes Cymru has already done so much to raise awareness and support for Welsh independence, to take the next step closer to that goal we need a strong and transparent administrative framework so Members and Committee know these tasks are in safe hands; they can then focus on campaigning: rhowch gyfle i mi wneud hyn ar gyfer Yes Cymru.

Political Affiliations: None