FAQs Articles of Association

A motion will be put before the EGM to incorporate YesCymru as a Company Limited by Guarantee. To become a Company Limited by Guarantee, Articles of Association will need to be created.

The proposed Articles of Association for YesCymru Cyf can be found here

What are the Articles of Association?

Articles of Association are a document that set out the basic management and administrative structure of a company. They regulate the internal affairs of a company including, for example, the governance structures, the financial structures, the structure of the board of directors and the structures and procedures needed to satisfy company law and Companies House. They are the solid legal foundation upon which the organisation is built.

The Articles of Association form the basic regulations of the organisation and are unlikely to need to be changed frequently. They require a 75% majority in a general meeting to be amended. Legal advice may also be needed to ensure any new wording of the articles still comply with company law.
Everyday operational matters and situations may change frequently and rapidly so most of the day-to-day rules, policies and guidelines are included in the Bye-laws. (See below for more information on Bye-Laws)

What is the legal status of the Articles of Association?

The Articles of Association are a legal document made in accordance with company law. They specify the company’s name, define the company’s purpose and contain regulations for a company's operation.

How were the Gweithgor's Articles of Association drafted?

Articles of Association are often in a standard from prescribed by company law. But because YesCymru is a broad-based popular grassroots organisation the Gweithgor wrote it's own Articles of Association with legal advice from one of Wales’ premier independent law firms.
The Gweithgor received over 200 proposals for reform from groups and individuals. The draft Articles of Association are based on thoe proposals.

How does the content of the proposed Articles of Association affect the ordinary members of YesCymru?

In practice, members wouln't see a lot of difference. We would still be members of our groups and be able to continue to campaign locally in the same way. But new governing bodies and structures will be in place.